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Cancer Screening

Free cancer screening programs are available to BC residents through BC Cancer.

Screening helps identify individuals whose disease is in an earlier stage so that it can be more effectively treated. For more information, please consult the resources below.

Free screening mammograms are available for eligible BC women age 40 and up.


Pap tests can find abnormal cells in the cervix before they become cancer.  It’s free and can be done by your family doctor.


If colon cancer is detected at its earliest stage, the chance of survival is more than 90 per cent.


Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in BC.

Preventative Health

These helpful resources will put you on the right track for developing healthy habits
Managing cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Smoking cessation

QuitNow is a free program for British Columbians looking to quit or reduce tobacco and e-cigarette use.

Meal planning

Healthy eating starts with meal planning. Learn more about basic meal planning with this helpful resource from Canada’s food guide.


In the past 50 years, vaccines have saved more lives in Canada than any other medical intervention. Learn about vaccinations for adults.

Healthy eating

Learn to make healthier food choices with helpful tools and resources from Diabetes Canada.

Calcium calculator

If you are not sure how much calcium you currently get in your diet, use the Calcium Calculator to figure it out.


Our clinic uniquely offers specialized services in women's health

Contraception, also known as birth control, is used to prevent pregnancy. There are many different birth control methods to help you and your partner prevent an unplanned pregnancy.  Here are some resources we recommend to consult. Speak to your physician if you have any questions.

Overview of methods

In this resource provided courtesy of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, we review the methods that are available to help you understand the options and help you narrow down the choices. You can always talk over your choices with your health care provider.

Emergency contraception
Hormonal contraception
Non-hormonal contraception
Natural methods

Nexplanon® Contraceptive Implant

Our clinic offers the the progesterone-only contraceptive implant known as Nexplanon® Review this brochure for information on this implant and procedure. We also ask that you review and fill out the patient consent form before your implant to save time at your next visit.

How it works
Overview of insertion procedure
What to watch for after the procedure
Removal procedure

Copper IUD

A copper IUD is a small device which is placed inside the uterus. The vertical stem of the copper IUD contains copper which is slowly released into the uterine cavity. The copper ions in the fluids of the uterus are toxic to sperm. We prepared this resource to provide an in-depth overview of the device.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages

IUD Insertion Day

If you opted for an IUD, please carefully review this brochure from our clinic to learn the do’s and don’ts on the day of your procedure.

Instructions to prepare yourself on the day of your procedure

IUD After Care

Please review this brochure from our clinic after you have an IUD procedure.

Information to know subsequent to the IUD insertion procedure

Diabetes treatment

Eleven million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes. Chances are, diabetes affects you or someone you know.

Being newly diagnosed for diabetes can be an intimidating experience, but Diabetes Canada provides very helpful resources to help patients have the tools and plans they need to succeed.

Medication management
Lifestyle management
Management and self-care

Kids Health

Access our recommended health resources for children and youth